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    5 Feb 2017
    News release, dated 4th February 2017, from Quakers in Britain
  • AM at Nether Edge November 2016
    25 Oct 2016
    We have a full day's programme including a guest speaker, Juliet Prager, deputy recording clerk from Friends House. She will be opening up discussions on “Healing the Rifts after Brexit”.
  • AM at Sheffield, Sunday 11th September.
    4 Sep 2016
    Starting at 1.15, until approximately 4.00. A draft agenda is here plus there are some documents which were produced after our last AM in July and will be considered again at the September meeting.
  • AM at Doncaster Saturday July 9th: we discuss drug issues
    16 Jun 2016
    Two linked topics are on the agenda at our July all-day meeting. 1. should possession for personal use of all/any drugs be legalised? 2. a new and more humane vision for the entire criminal justice system
  • All day AM at Sheffield Central March 12
    21 Mar 2016
    A year has gone by since we started the new style events for AM. So, as well as the minutes we thought it would be good to have a news item giving impressions of the March meeting
  • NFPB report for March 2016 meeting
    6 Mar 2016
    Report of Northern Friends Peace Board, Nottingham MH, 5th March 2016
  • Area Meeting 12 March 2016
    25 Feb 2016
    The next Area meeting is 12 March at Sheffield Central Quaker Meeting House at 10.00am
  • November Area Meeting@Nether Edge - full house!
    16 Dec 2015
    70 people, wonderful food, fascinating workshops and effective business at our last Area Meeting of 2015! The day began with an all-age Meeting for Worship. 17 young people attended the morning activities which included Story Telling and an Animation Workshop, and nearly 50 friends attended the business meeting and talk.
  • Area Meeting reviews its' new format...
    6 Nov 2015
    This year a new team of AM Clerks took on the challenge of invigorating the life of our Area Meetings. It has been an exciting process, learning the practicalities associated with this task and engaging a wider network of friends. We aimed to define the roles of individuals within our team; examine how we use communication, such as publications and websites; and consider the best way of sharing responsibilities and engaging a wider audience in the decision making. In October, we reviewed our progress.
  • The Quaker Peace testimony
    5 Aug 2015
    The Quaker testimonies invite us to live our lives faithfully. You will not find a definitive statement about them - simply a series of writings about the implications of living by the testimonies in people’s actual lives and circumstances. The testimonies are debated and interrogated, living and organic. We ask whether they stand up to current circumstances, whether we ourselves are living up to them.